Maximum Performance SilentSync® Timing Belts

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The SilentSync® Belts Color Spectrum System provides an easy and effective way to purchase and install your timing belt. SilentSync’s® technologically advanced numbering system for industrial timing belts consists of a letter that correlates to the color of the marking on the belt (“B” for Blue “R” for Red, etc.) Each color determines a tooth pitch and belt width. When the colors are paired, the correct belt and sprocket have been matched.

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SilentSync® Timing Belt Features

Compared to other timing drive systems, SilentSync® Belts run smoother and are equipped with a Helical Offset Tooth H.O.T. construction that provide reduced vibration and a reduction in operating noise by as much as 19db decibels. Additional features include:

  • Color coded product matching
  • High-strength aramid cord
  • Aramid tensile strength is stronger and more flexible than steel
  • Resists fatigue, elongation and shock loads, even in high-torque conditions
  • Easy installation and removal with QD (Quick Disconnect) of Inch and Metric Bushings

SilentSync® Industrial Timing Belt Benefits

SilentSync® is the next generation in synchronous belt technology. This unique, state-of-the-art alternative to straight-tooth belts and drive chains has been enhanced to improve the overall performance of your drive design. Some the advantages that SilentSync® Belts can provide your application include:

  • Color coded design provides simple belt and sprocket matching
  • Increased horsepower rating
  • After initial run of 8 hours of operation belts do not need re-tensioning
  • Belts do not require lubrication
  • Easiest power transmission drive to purchase and install
  • High wear tension of the teeth
  • Reduction of backlash in reversing applications
  • Excellent distribution of stresses for reduced belt wear

SilentSync® Timing Belt Applications

SilentSync® Belts provide the ability to choose from a wide range of possible gear ratios, which means the drive can be optimally compact. Some of the industrial applications that benefit from SilentSync® Belts include:

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Packaging conveyors
  • Aggregate crushers
  • Poultry/meat grinders
  • Wood de-barkers and saws
  • Mining equipment
  • Paper presses
  • Chain drives
  • Baking mixers

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