SilentSync® SH Metric Bushings

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QD Bushings Quick Disconnect

Each QD bushing starts with a letter then a fraction. Example: SH-25MM = Bushing E is the series size and the fraction call out is the shaft size. This example the bushing bore is 25MM Bushings are supplied with bolts, lock washers. Keys are supplied only if a special shallow keyway is required. The SH millimeter bushing can be used to install on any “SH” sprocket hub. Important: Do not use lubricants during bushing installation.

  • Ease of installation and removable.
  • Match required bushing letter with corresponding sprocket
  • Reversing thread for removal of sprocket.
  • Do not use lubricant on bolts when installing bushing.  
  • Do not over tighten bolts on bushing when installing.

QD Bushings Quick Disconnect

Are easy to install and remove. They are split through flange and taper to provide a positive clamp on the shaft. Cap screws and lock washers are provided with each bushing to securely fix the bushing to the shaft. Bushings have a gradual taper (3/4-inch taper per ft). QD style sprockets will have a letter built into the part number and in the product view you will find the required bushing to use. We also have Inch QD Bushings for most Metric sized shafts.