SilentSync® Purple Timing Belts

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SilentSync® Maximum Performance with Cost Saving Results

The SilentSync® Color Spectrum System makes it the easiest synchronous drive system to purchase and install. The part numbering system for SilentSync® includes a letter that corresponds to the color of the branding on the belt (“P” = Purple belts) for the mating sprockets use the (“P” = Purple Sprockets). Each color defines a tooth pitch and belt width. Match the colors, and you have matched the correct belt and sprocket.

  • Color coded belts makes it easy to match belt to sprocket.
  • Purple belts are designed to function with all Purple sprockets.
  • High-strength aramid cord allows for higher horsepower rating. 
  • After initial run of 8 hours of operation belts do not need retensioning.
  • Belts do not require lubrication unlike chain.
  • Easiest power transmission drive to purchase and install.

Simply stated, with SilentSync® you get what you pay for with each energy dollar.


SilentSync® belts is the next generation in synchronous belt technology. ContiTech continues to lead with this unique state-of-the-art alternative to straight-tooth belts and drive chains. SilentSync® runs quieter, reduced vibration the H.O.T. (Helical Offset Tooth) design belts and sprockets decreases operating noise by as much as 19 decibels versus other synchronous systems.

Purple SilentSync® belt drives take energy saving to a new level with improved drive performance.