SilentSync® Sprockets

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SilentSync® Sprockets have been designed to ensure maximum service life and performance. The Silentsync® Sprockets Color Spectrum System makes it the easiest synchronous drive system to purchase and install. The part numbering system for Silentsync® includes a letter that corresponds to the color of the branding on the belt (“Y” for Yellow, “W” for White, etc.) Each color defines a tooth pitch and belt width. Match the colors, and you have matched the correct belt and sprocket.

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SilentSync® Industrial Sprocket Features

With over 1,500 sprocket combinations available, SilentSync® Power Transmission Sprockets make it easier to match the desired design speed your application requires. More speed ratio options also mean more design flexibility and more compact drives. Additional SilentSync® Timing Sprocket features include:

  • Continuous rolling tooth engagement allows sprocket and belt to enter with minimal impact and wear
  • Sprockets do not require flanges and can run bidirectional
  • Lower belt tension reduces bearing loads with no slippage
  • Bushing style sprocket make for easy installation
  • Easy installation and removal with QD (Quick Disconnect) of Inch and Metric Bushings

SilentSync® Timing Sprocket Benefits

Rainbow Precision Products’ exclusive line of SilentSync® Sprockets offers a powerful innovation in synchronous drive systems. With up to 25% more power capacity and static conductivity, it’s a revolutionary upgrade from previous models. Some of the main advantages that SilentSync® Industrial Sprockets provides includes:

  • Over 1,500 sprocket combinations available, making it easier to match the desired speeds
  • H.O.T. (Helical Offset Tooth) design allows self-tracking
  • Quieter than straight-tooth belts, operating up to 19db decibels
  • More design flexibility with more compact drives
  • No flanges
  • Self-tracking design

SilentSync® Industrial Sprocket Helical Offset Tooth (HOT) Design Applications

SilentSync’s patented Helical Offset Tooth (H.O.T.) design merges belt and sprocket into the quietest, smoothest, and most compact synchronous drive packages available. The result is a continuous rolling tooth engagement that reduces vibration and improves the overall efficiency of your drive system. Some of the industrial applications that benefit from SilentSync® Timing Sprockets include:

  • Agricultural equipment
  • Packaging conveyors
  • Aggregate crushers
  • Poultry/meat grinders
  • Wood de-barkers and saws
  • Mining equipment
  • Paper presses
  • Chain drives
  • Baking mixers

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