SilentSync® Tools

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Continental ContiTech offers an exclusive, all-encompassing Drive Change© program that optimizes the life and performance of your belt drives. Drive Change© is another way of ensuring you are up to date on required installation and maintenance tools and procedures necessary to maximize plant operations and optimize output where belt drives are used to transfer power.

Laser Alignement Tool

Fast, easy convenient and attaches in a few seconds. Delivering a highly visible sight line.

When the laser line lies within the target openings. The pulleys/sprockets are correctly positioned. The results are fast and precise alignment. Power transmission belts including synchronous, V-belt, flatbelts and more can be aligned equally well. The smart design of the magnetic attachment surface also allows for alignment of both small and large sheaves. For nonmagnetic pulleys, double-sided tape can be used to affix the tool for added range of applications.

Key features & Benefits

  • Mobile version for popular mobile phones and tablets.
  • Detects both radial and axial misalignment.
  • Easier to use than conventional methods of misalignment detection.
  • Affixes to most pulley and sprocket types.
  • Also suitable for nonmagnetic pulleys and sprockets.
  • Single operator friendly.

TensionRite® Belt Frequency Meter

Provides a simple, repeatable and reliable method for tensioning belts using optical technology.

TensionRite® Belt Frequency Meter displays the natural vibration frequency of a belt so you can closely monitor belt tension. The devise calculates the corresponding belt tension in either English or SI unites.

Key features & Benefits

  • Light optics-based tensioning.
  • Quartz crystal-based solid-state circuitry.
  • Direct vs. indirect measurement of vibration frequency.
  • Meter range matches “real-life” belt installation parameters.
  • Can be used with all belt types.

MaximizerPro™ Drive Selection Analysis Program

Maximize your energy savings.

MaximizerPro™ is the newest and most powerful version of ContiTech exclusive drive system analysis software. Still as simple and intuitive to use as ever. MaximizerPro™ has all the features you have come to know, plus some new, powerful upgrades. Data entered into the software is cross-checked against MaximizerPro™’s robust database of available belts, sprockets, pulleys and bushings. The resulting customized report outlines specific products that can help you reach maximum efficiency and energy savings. MaximizerPro™ can enhance your drive systems the first time and every time.

Key features & Benefits

  • Mobile version for popular mobile phones and tablets.
  • New online version is always up-to-date.
  • “Preferred solutions” option for most efficient drive designs.
  • Improved screen layouts for quicker navigation.
  • Energy consumption displays for specific drives.
  • More comprehensive tensioning parameters.

Large Tension Tester

When used with a straight edge or tight string., can be an aid in setting the proper belt tension for tension for a drive system.

The relationship between deflection and belt span has been incorporated in the index scale printed on the face of the gauge. This eliminates one calculation associated with the tensioning operation.

Key features & Benefits

  • Quickly helps determine belt tension.
  • Compares force measured with recommended values for your application.
  • If values are not equal, simply adjust the belt tension and repeat force measurement until measured force matches target value.